CLAIRE FALKENBERG: THRESHOLD: January 10 - February 3, 2013

Using photography, paint and collage, Falkenberg creates a sudden stillness, a stopping point, a clearing within a suspended and expanding moment. She begins by photographing landscapes; ambiguous yet familiar in-between spaces that are simultaneously wild and polluted, inhabited and abandoned, then collages night, day, upside down and right side up to create environments where time and place collapse into a single image. Dominating these reconstructed photos are giant clouds of oil paint. Both dense and vaporous, the painted forms act as ephemeral bodies within the photographs as well as opaque objects on top, oscillating between the metaphysical and the profane. These large, awkward blobs aggressively occupy their environments while familiar bits of trash, streetlights and trees become anchors in the disorientating landscapes. With little reference to narrative or place, the images become both a question and a confrontation, demanding us to ask - What is this thing? Here, in this strange and sudden silence, there is a collision of light and dark, bloom and collapse, violence and great stillness.


Claire Falkenberg is a Canadian artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Recent exhibitions include Bloom, solo show at Champion, Austin, Texas, Related Clues at Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas, and 13: a group show at Mulherin + Pollard, New York, New York.