MULHERIN NY is pleased to present Truth is My Butterfly , an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Canadian artist, Sojourner Truth Parsons.

Sojourner Truth Parsons is drawn to experimental material, intuitively using paint as a sculptural medium, often without any goal or particular image in mind. Her new body of paintings come from a push inside to express a totality of experience that she feels she will never achieve.

"Day to day things catch my eye or make my brain wake up and I feel fixated on that, a texture, a joke, a flower or song - I work with these elements in my mind until I feel I've made a painting that comes close to matching a sentiment that lives in my mind. It's very complex and ill-suited to language. My only real 'inspiration' is whatever is nearby, my immediate environment, and my emotional state."

In a sense, Parsons paints herself into her painting – her hands and tools exist as features that become a self portrait inside of colours and shapes. The classic symbols of painting as a medium…the hand and palette.... play with a deeper represention of a contemplative existence. Connections made day to day in her life become threads that run through all of her work. Parsons has spent a great deal of time thinking about what a picture is, what she is doing and has discovered a greater freedom in not thinking at all and trusting her instinct. Always open to failure, she travels the uneven landscapes of existential angst, humour and beauty and waits to see how it will all play out.


Sojourner Truth Parsons is a Canadian artist based between Toronto and Nova Scotia. She studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she received her BFA in 2008. She has exhibited her multi-faceted material based works in Toronto, New York, Newfoundland and Los Angeles, most recently in the exhibition titled Hot House in NY (organized by Black Rock/White Rock and Night Gallery) and in the exhibition “The Secret to Living” at Jessica Bradley Art and Projects in Toronto. Parsons was recently awarded the Canada Council For The Arts International Residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.