We are pleased to present sculptures by Deborah Wang in our NO FOUNDATION window space.

"If there is an axiality to these sculptures, it is one (with few exceptions) that only exists in the ground. These are conceptual plugs for, and of, the earth. When removed from the earth—the site of their making— they have an uneasy relationship with new sites. This new ground is a foreign ground. It cannot support the sculptures as the earth did. Being effectively unearthed and siteless, they become nomadic. They are itinerant gravestones. They enter the space that art critic and theorist Rosalind Krauss calls the monument’s “negative condition.”1 They are base and (abstracted) figure as one. They are from the earth, and about the earth, but not rooted in the earth. They are about the encounter between the living and the dead. They mark the past in the present."
-Deborah Wang, 2016