JULY 5 - 16, 2017 

Reception: Thursday July 6th, 6-8PM

Iuliia Kostenko, Transformation, 2016, 25cm x 40cm

Iuliia Kostenko, Transformation, 2016, 25cm x 40cm

“Man – symbols – modernity" exhibition by Iuliia Kostenko. Inspired by C.G.Jung

“Modernity does not do away with the need for us to attend to our unconscious minds. If we do neglect this side of us, the archetypes simply look for new forms of expression, in the process derailing our carefully made plans. Usually, the unconscious supports our conscious decisions, but when a gap appears the archetypes are expressed in strange and powerful ways; we can be ambushed by the lack of self-knowledge.”

- “Man and his symbols” by C.G.Jung

The “Man – symbols – modernity” collection inspired by C.G.Jung reveals the symbolism of our unconscious, and the understanding of its power can help an individual to navigate through life. Fifteen paintings will be presented at the NO FOUNDATION Gallery, 1082 Queen Street West from July 5th until July 16th


"The philosophy behind my art aims to show that even living in our disintegrating world there is something special, intimate and beautiful in nature, and that same beauty can be found within us. Our life is filled with fragile, fleeting and important moments: the beauty of light reflected in drops of morning dew, a warm ground under foot, rays of the sun penetrating through yellow autumn leaves. Everything has a reason, meaning and a result in nature, as it does in us. The closer we are to nature and the better we understand it, the closer we are to our core and vice versa."

- Iuliia Kostenko

Iuliia Kostenko is a Toronto-based artist who works exclusively with ink. She studied art in her early years but pursued a different education path and attained a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics. Post-graduation she spent the next few years working in tech startups in Ukraine.

A visit to India in 2012 sparked a major psychological breakthrough for Iuliia and she started drawing again. In 2013 she traveled to Nepal and lived in Kopan monastery studying with monks (learning Buddhism, psychology, and writings of monks). Most of her paintings during that period interweave with works of Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung.

Upon coming to Canada in 2015, she began to develop her new style using a nib, brush and black waterproof ink, which is present in her current works.



July 5 - 16, 2017

Opening Reception: July 6, 6-8PM

Exhibition Hours:

Wed-Sat, 12-6PM

Sunday, 12-5pm


This is an artist-run exhibition. Contact the artist at lensyjknew@gmail.com

Or visit her at www.kostenko-art.com