Jason Deary’s most recent work looks to explore personal history and how to hold onto, reveal, and record memory. Through heavy layers of paint and collaged acrylic sheets, a dense and hectic strata is presented. His compositions balance presence against absence, trying to hold onto what they can while also demonstrating loss. Chopped up, removed and outlined voids show what forms once existed and what lies underneath. Marks exist in the negative, becoming defined by what is not actually there, like outlines or ghosts. The circle is a repeating motif; at once whole and complete form while also being a perfect void or hole. Through trompe l’oeil techniques parts of paintings become reminders of the past such as photographs, photocopies, handwritten notes, or sketches. Painted top lighting, interior framing, skewed perspective, and illusionary depth play with how the viewer experiences the work. The distortion of the viewing is a nod to our often hazy recollection of the past. The layers of ‘failed’ paintings are excavated with a power sander, scratched into to find clues. Black paint sprays across titanium surfaces, revealing brush textures like dusting for fingerprints. The paintings serve as a thinking space for the artist, one that is searching for meaning and understanding in a place without definitive answers.


MULHERIN Toronto is pleased to present Roll Call, new paintings by Jason Deary.


Jason Deary is an emerging artist living and working in Toronto. He completed his BFA at the University of Windsor in 2010, participated in the Banff Centre Work Study program from 2011-2012, and completed his MFA at OCAD University in 2014. His practice is primarily painting. Most recently his work has been an exploration of memory. Deary has had recent solo exhibitions in Calgary and Vancouver. His paintings were also featured in this year’s Art with Heart auction and Canadian Art gala. Deary’s work is in private collections in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He was the recipient of an Emerging Artist grant from the Toronto Arts Council (2014). He is represented by MULHERIN in Toronto. Roll Call is his debut solo exhibition with the gallery.


The artist would like to thank the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council for this exhibition.