AUGUST 20 - 30, 2015

Sarah Creagen, The 20 dollar solution, 22.5 x 15 inches, watercolour and graphite on paper, 2015 (1).jpeg

Katharine Mulherin and NO FOUNDATION are pleased to present the premier solo exhibition of work by Sarah Creagen.

Creagen’s drawing practice focuses on figuration and narrative. Using graphite and watercolour in this series, she layers and fragments the human body as a form of visual language for a range of interpersonal experiences and everyday moments. The tentative lines search over and around the bodies, alluding to themes of tenderness and closeness as well as emotional instability and dissolution. The tornadoes are a fluid fixture in the work; they act as bodies, as emotions and experiences, and as covers. The frailties of each representational form can be read as an embodied portrait, and an account of a relationship or exchange.

Tornadoes explores personal narrative using the poetic device, pathetic fallacy; the practice of attributing human emotion or responses to nature, inanimate objects, or animals. The term was first coined by John Ruskin in Modern Painters (1843-1860), as a critique of artists failing to represent truth, and instead concerned with representing a sentimental and emotional interpretation. Creagen’s work confronts the negative associations of ascribing emotional expression to natural phenomena and embraces the vulnerabilities, concessions and sense of yearning inherent in this act.

- Sarah Creagen, 2015, with contribution by Penelope Smart

Sarah Creagen is an artist currently based in Toronto. Creagen grew up Halifax and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2011 with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. She attended a month long residency at the Vermont Studio Centre in 2013, and has been included in recent group exhibitions: That’s So Gay: Say It To My Face curated by Elisha Lim, The Biennial Juried Exhibition at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, and Get Noticed at Red Head Gallery curated by Erin Stump and Powell MacDougall. Creagen will be starting her MFA at Hunter College in New York, Spring 2016. Tornadoes is her first solo show.

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Sarah Creagen, Bodies for a second, 22 x 30 inches, graphite and watercolour on paper, 2015.jpeg
Sarah Creagen, Lying, 22 x 30 inches, watercolour and graphite on paper, 2015.jpeg
Sarah Creagen, Circles, 22 x 30 inches, graphite on watercolour paper, 2015.jpeg
Sarah Creagen, All I Thought About Was Time, 30 x 22 inches, graphite on watercolour paper, 2015.jpeg
Sarah Creagen, Oh donÔÇÖt worry (loudly), 10 x 14 inches, Graphite and ink on paper, 2015.jpg
Sarah Creagen, Down in the Cave, 20 x 26 inches, graphite on yupo paper, 2015.jpeg
Sarah Creagen, After Eight, 20 x 24 inches, graphite on yupo paper, 2015 (1).jpeg