Penelope Smart & Katharine Mulherin present the premier Toronto exhibition of paintings by Zachary Cummings.

Mind the Gap
(analogies for impossible desires)

A new body of work by Zachary Cummings concerns the transparent picture plane and its relationship to meaning, surface, and mark.

There is awareness in these paintings that a great gulf exists between renderings of ancient structures as they once appeared, and their ruins that exist in the present. The expanse of time that elapses between original construction and eventual ruin is formless and empty; time constitutes a negative space.

In Mind The Gap, Cummings allows the distance between the past and the present, a painted mark and its shadow, to come into focus. In the paintings, light travels through markings on glass that recalls Greek or Roman ruins. The light casts shadows of line and shape against the wall. The viewer cannot look at the shadows on the walls without first encountering the bright colors and contours of painted marks on the glass. Emphasizing the incommunicable as a component of what is communicated, the imagery exists somewhere between the deconstruction of the world and the creation of a language to depict that world, even if its depiction begins in ruins.

Text by Tony Iantosca.

Zachary Cummings was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He received degrees in both studio art and physics from Louisiana State University (2011). Cummings holds an MFA in Visual Art from Rutgers (2013) and works primarily in painting. His most recent body of work includes works of oil on glass that explore the relationship between the image and its shadow. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.